The Writer Mentorship Program

Ever dream of being a published Author? Starting your own blog, or even writing for a magazine?

The Writer’s Mentorship Program is for you if you dream of being a published writer and don’t know where to start.

As a writing mentor, I’ve been there and know what it takes to make your dream a reality. It is my job to be unbiased and honest, helping new authors develop their voices and improve their writing skills.

I will review and critique your work, acting as a resource for ongoing support and creative growth. I will be your writing councillor, lifeline, and anchor during times of stress. Providing support, writing prompts and assignments, helping with your creative goals, whether it’s a book, blog, or something else entirely.

Enough with struggling on your own. A lot of writers sit in resistance, putting off their dreams until god knows when. If you are ready for guidance and want to take the path of least resistance, this is the program for you!

Join the Writer’s Mentorship and feel aligned knowing you have the right support to achieve your dreams! You no longer need to go at it alone.

Program Details


3 Months of weekly calls and 1:1 mentorship that meet you where you’re at.

● Goal Setting + accountability

● Learning how to Self publish

● Edit and format with ease

● Design with joy

● Soulfully Market + promote

● Develop Self-Awareness + Trust

$2500 Full Payment
$997 3 Payments

Take the leap!

My Story

Writing was always something I felt. It wasn't just a hobby, fantasy or pipe dream. For many years I felt that calling, but sat in complete resistance to writing and sharing.

In the real heart of it all, I was sitting in resistance to learning myself, healing myself, loving myself fully. My limiting beliefs were always bumping up against my souls deepest call to write, and I couldn't pull myself out of fear to live my deeper purpose.

But heres the thing about a soul purpose- it doesn’t just go away because you tried to bury it. It doesn’t quiet down, no matter how hard you try to snuff it out. Believe me.....I know.

I got to the point where I could no longer ignore it. I quit my stable job in the health care industry-an industry I'd been in for almost 20 years, to follow my dreams.

I've now written and published 2 Poetry Books, written articles for Elephant Journal, copy writing for websites, bios for clients, and my poetry was chosen to accompany a musician for a visual concert in New York City.

I also currently facilitate a group of women writers in The Writers Room, a community I created for Women who want to connect, write, and build community.

If you are feeling resistance, congratulations! This is an invitation to keep showing up, do the hard work, write from the heart, and know that you don't have to go at it alone!

Dive into what you always wanted- It’s here waiting for you.

Love, Rebecca