Wild Women, Wild Voices:

Uncovering the magic within

Do you long to express your wild, authentic nature, to reclaim the truth of your core that resides below the surface of daily life, and give it voice? In this writers workshop, you will explore the call of your unspoken yearn, and dive into your inner natural state, from wild child, daughter/sister/mother, lovers, creativeness, sisterhoods, wild inner wisdom, nature connection and wild women archetypes through creative writing and self reflection. Both intuitive and practical, Wild Women, Wild Voices writing workshop will strip the EGO, deepen the soul voice, and ignite your inner fire with inspiring guided exercises and writing prompts. Celebrate your authentic expression- and unleash the howl — of the Wild Woman within.


Find your wild

This workshop is exclusively for Wild Rose Festival. Join me in the Bloom Tent for a 1 hour deep dive into creativity, art, and spirituality that goes hand-in-hand with the feminine archetypes.

This workshop will empower you to be your vibrant, soft, and your unapologetic self, unafraid to make a statement or speak your truth.

Workshop includes writing materials. Limited seating available.

But one of the a that has really drawn med woman. She’s strong, mysterious and creativity flows through her veins - and's screaming at me to embody her

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